I want to share my journey from Wall Street to High Street Fashion with you. I used to be a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager and managed a $15 billion bond portfolio. Even though that was a hefty sum under my belt, I was always meticulous about the color of that belt. I loved keeping an eye on Fashion Industry trends just as much as stock market trends. 

I was completely dedicated to a fast paced – high stress lifestyle until I became a mom of a beautiful little girl. I chose to leave my career behind to enjoy the simple joys of life with my two little ones and our puppy. 

My passion is discovering the right shade of lipstick to complement a friend’s face or finding a pair of mesmerizing shoes that make a statement. I also believe in living a holistic natural lifestyle to preserve the mind, body and soul. I shy away from harsh chemicals and believe that a healthy body is culminated through the right fitness regimen and relationship with food.

As the markets keep on evolving, so do the fashion, beauty and fitness arenas. Style is what you choose. It is personal. It is empowering. It is liberating. It is artistic. Join me in my journey to find the artist within you.

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